Tim & Christine's heavenly romance.


Tim and Christine's wedding weekend holds a very special place in my heart. Tim is family, and after one year of wedding planning with Christine, she is now like a sister to me and this blog post is a testament to that. 

Tim & Christine's wedding planning brought about a slew of emotions; because everyone, bride, groom and parents wanted the day to be perfect.  The wedding was fun and enlightening because everyone poured their hearts into the wedding planning process to deliver a seamlessly executed wedding. 

The wedding day was a fun-filled day, begining with pre-wedding fun for the ladies. 


Tim was very much a hands-on groom. Tim was extremely detailed when choosing his and his groomsmen's attire. As you can see from the picture below, the men were on point. 


Tim & Christine's relationship is deeply rooted in their personal relationship with God; I truly enjoyed watching them not only focus on their love for each other;  but also allowing their love for God to be evident in their love story and in their interaction with each other. 


After the I dos, the most important part of wedding planning is a fun guest experience at the reception.  Nothing brings me more joy than when I see the bride and groom having a good time with their guests.