Budget for your wedding.

Planning a wedding is and should be one of the most exciting times a bride and groom’s life.  But with the cost of wedding increasing each year the wedding planning process can also be at times overwhelming.

When you considering all of the moving pieces that must come together to make a wedding successful, a couple can easily spend a lot of money without realizing how much they have spent. As mentioned in our “just engaged” blog post, http://idaraevents.com/blog-by-idara/justengaged  one of the most important aspect of wedding planning or social event planning is determining how much to spend and creating a budget. Creating a wedding budget isn’t an easy task because without knowledge of the industry and what things actually cost it’ll be difficult to set and stick to a budget.  So how do you go about setting a wedding budget?

1.      BE REALISTIC: How much are you realistically able to spend on your wedding? Remember that there is life to live after the wedding.

2.      PRIORITZE: What parts of the wedding is most important to you? What parts are not as important?

a.      Do you want an elaborate venue, do you not care about real flowers or are you ok with silk or no flowers?

b.      Are luxury linens of utmost importance or are you ok with plain white or ivory linens?

c.       Is music very important to you and your fiancé, so much so that you want to have both a live band and a DJ?

d.      You and your fiancé should list your top 5 priorities separately and then compare the list; choose the top 3 that match. For example, if you each have excellent music, top notch food, elaborate décor on your list, then those are the areas you prioritize when establishing a budget.

3.      RESEARCH: Contact local vendors and get quotes, for the items on your wedding list in order to get a realistic idea of what things cost.

4.      RE-EVALUATE: After making your list, reviewing it and conducting some research, then it’s time to re-assess your ideas, and determine what you can live without to help you establish a realistic wedding budget.

Remember to enjoy the wedding planning process, maintain the joy of the moment, that is you are marrying your soul mate. After re-evaluating if you decide that you can spend a little more than you initially wanted in order to have the wedding of your dreams then do that, if you decide that you can live without a few items in order to stay within your budget then so be it. Just remember that the most important thing is to remember the reason for the party, starting your life with the one you love.


Happy planning!