Wedding vision board: Inspiration for wedding planning

After you get engaged it is then time to start planning your wedding. A good fun first step to take in wedding planning is to create a wedding inspiration board.  Below, I have highlighted how to plan for and create your wedding vision board.  (Hint, this is also a good template to use for wedding Pinterest boards)

First, ask the following questions.

1.     What inspires my everyday life?

2.     What feelings do I get when I think of my fiancé?

3.     What feelings do I get when I envision our life together?

4.     What are our favorite places to visit?

5.     What is (are) your favorite quotes

6.     What is (are) your fiancé’s favorite quotes

7.     What is (are) your favorite quotes or love language as a couple

8.     How do I want to feel on my wedding day?



1.     Magazines (include a variety of magazines, bridal magazines, lifestyle magazines that you enjoy reading)

2.     Pictures of you and your fiancé

3.     A picture to place in the center

4.     Scissors

5.     Glue, tape, thumbtacks or pins

6.     Color swatches

7.     Markers

Have fun with it.

1.     Make it a romantic evening with your fiancé, get some wine, lay blankets on the floor and both of you flip through the magazines and pictures of yourselves as you discuss and imagine your dream wedding.

2.     Get your best girlfriends around and have a fun ladies’ night.

3.     Or take your supplies, go to your favorite peaceful place and clip away.

Start your vision board

1.     Place the photo of you and your fiancé in the center of the board

2.     Use this the template below as inspiration for placement of your cut outs.

Share with your vendors

Take your vision board to vendor meetings

Take a picture of your vision board and share it with your vendors.