wedding vendors: Formula for finding the best wedding vendors

You will find out that there are a lot of options when the time comes for hire wedding vendors or vendors for special occasion. Below is an Idara outline on how you can narrow your choices to help you choose the right vendors.  My most important advice is that you interview every vendor and follow your instincts.

First decide on the style of the vision for your event; What feeling do you want to have and what feeling do you want your guest to leave your event with? Create a small vision board that depicts those “feeling”. Take this vision board with you to every meeting with vendors and pay attention to the vendors’ excitement and willingness to work with and enhance your vision.

A. VENUE: Let’s start with your venue selection: When choosing a venue, ask yourself the following questions.

1.     What is your budget and how much of that do you want to allocate to venue?

2.     What is your guest count and can the venue accommodate your guest count?

3.     Does the venue aesthetically fit into your vision? Is it romantic? Is it classy, is it rustic?

4.     What additional items can the venue offer, i.e. linens, staff, bar, etc.,

5.     Ask for a sample contract and read through it to make sure that if you choose the vendor their terms are to your satisfaction.

B. DÉCOR: Very Important to take your vision board to this meeting

1.     What is your budget and how much of that do you want to allocate to decor?

2.     Before your meeting, review the vendors’ previous work and look for elements in their work that you would want incorporated into your event.

      3.     Get a feel of the décor company’s style, is it in line with yours?

      3.     Ask to meet with the rep that will be working on your event and interview them as well. Try to determine how well you will work together.  

     4.     Ask them questions right out of your vision board and ask them if they have the décor elements that you have on your board.

C. PHOTOGRAPHER/VIDEOGRAPHER:  Choosing your photographer and or videographer will require a lot more detailed research. The best advice I heard from a photographer is that a picture is what the subjects make of it, if the subjects are stiff, the photos will be stiff, if the subjects are having a good time, the photos will depict that.

1. Research several photographers and read the reviews on each.

2. Again, what style and feel do you want for your event? Does the photographer/videographers work have that feel?

3. Meet the photographers in person and request past albums so that you can have actual visuals of the final product from their past clients.

4. Also pay attention to the photographer’s personality. Will your personalities mesh or not?

5. Confirm that the main photographer will be the one attending to your event and not another member of his or her team. Also confirm the number of photographer’s that will be assigned to your event.

6. Also, request for a sample contract from each photographer you meet and read the contract and make sure the terms are ones you can live with.

7. Compare packages and prices of each vendor and go with that which fits into your budget. 

Do your homework, but remember your wedding album and event pictures will reflect what your event reflects, joy, love, peace, happiness, guest having a good time? It’s up to you to make the most of your day and give the photographer great shots in order for him/her to deliver a great album/video.

I can probably write a 100-page book on vendor selection, but I think I will leave that for a later date when we write part 2 of vendor selection.

Enjoy the process, be at peace and let’s get planning.